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The Endangered Languages Project, home of the Catalogue of Endangered Languages. If you have information that we're missing about any endangered language, please contribute it!

ELP's listing of multilingual COVID-19 information, with a focus on Indigenous and under-resourced languages. 

The LINGUIST Listthe internet resource for linguists (I am certainly not biased as a former employee). 

The Sociolinguistic Events Calendar, a volunteer-run Google calendar of all sociolinguistic events around the world. Not sure when or where the next must-attend workshop is? Trying to decide when to schedule your symposium so it doesn't conflict with NWAV? We can help with that!

Language Documentation and Conservation, a free open-access journal for issues of language documentation, description, revitalization, and archival. The best journal on those topics, in my unbiased opinion.


The Language Documentation Training Center, a student-run initiative at the University of Hawaii to provide training and support in language documentation to speakers of underdocumented languages. 


Linguists Outside Academia, "a motley crew of self-identifying linguists with tenuous connections to the groves of academe."

Endangered-Languages, a GitHub repository of open-source computational tools for endangered and under-resourced languages, curated by Richard Littauer. 

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